Objective of the game

Objective of the game for the user:

The main goal for players is to build and grow their MINING or CASINO startup in the world of Crypto Empire Tycoon. This involves achieving a series of milestones and accumulating resources to improve their position in the game.

Achieving goals:

Players must engage in staking the $EMPIRE token to earn passive income. They use the acquired resource tokens to purchase NFTs, which can be used to enhance their startup. Through participation in various activities and challenges, such as staking and acquiring NFTs, players can develop and grow their startup in the game.

Farming pools:

Farming pools offer players the opportunity to earn tokens by staking them. Some pools allow players to earn resource tokens such as $BOX, $POWER, $HASH, and $SLOT, which are essential for improving their startup's capabilities. Resource tokens can be earned by staking $EMPIRE in the reference pool and are subject to market fluctuations based on user demand and supply dynamics. Players can choose which pool to participate in based on their preferences and gaming strategies.

NFTs divided into categories:

NFTs are divided into two categories:

  1. MAIN NFTs purchasable only through $BNB or $EMPIRE

  1. RESOURCE NFTs purchasable through $EMPIRE or resource tokens like $BOX, $POWER, $HASH, and $SLOT. This allows players to customize and enhance their gaming experience, specializing in different sectors and gaining specific advantages within the game.


The player decides to start a Mining startup. The first steps to take are to purchase 3 MAIN NFTs such as POWER PLANT, ASIC, and STRUCTURE. Starting from the initial phase, a basic POWER PLANT can support 1 basic STRUCTURE and 50 ASICs. When the player has the resources to grow, the first choice will be to increase the electrical capacity, then the structure, and finally the ASICs, so:

  1. Buy an advanced POWER PLANT

  2. Purchase and add a STRUCTURE

  3. Finally, buy new ASICs

All this will lead to the growth of their empire to compete with other crypto Tycoons. During the growth, it will also be possible to buy other buildings such as Skyscrapers, Villas, Monuments, Banks end etc... to have an increasingly capitalized empire. All NFTs and tokens on the platform are tradable among users through an internal Marketplace.

In summary, Crypto Empire Tycoon offers players the opportunity to build and manage their startup in the cryptocurrency world, using token staking, resource acquisition, and NFTs to progress and succeed in the game.

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