Initial Sale (50%) - 111,000,000 $EMPIRE Tokens

  • Initial Capital Generation: The initial sale allows early investors to purchase $EMPIRE tokens at a preferential rate, providing necessary capital for early development and marketing efforts.

  • Community Building: Through early access, a dedicated supporter base is formed, crucial for the project's initial success.

  • Market Establishment: Sets up initial liquidity and value perception for $EMPIRE, essential for future trading and engagement.

Rewards for Staking & Competition (30%) - 66,600,000 $EMPIRE Tokens

  • Staking Rewards: Encourages users to hold their tokens, contributing to stability and reducing market volatility.

  • Battle Rewards: Fuels rewards for game activities, encouraging competition and engagement through $EMPIRE rewards.

Allocation for Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) (10%) - 22,200,000 $EMPIRE Tokens

  • Liquidity Provision: Ensures that tokens are easily tradable on DEXs, promoting accessibility and price stability.

  • Accessibility: Increases the availability of $EMPIRE to a wide range of investors and users in the cryptocurrency sector.

Allocation for Centralized Exchanges (CEX) (5%) - 11,100,000 $EMPIRE Tokens

  • Liquidity Supply: Facilitates trading of $EMPIRE on centralized exchange platforms, enhancing access and exposure to a broader audience.

  • Stability and Recognition: Contributes to the value perception of $EMPIRE and its market stability, essential for attracting investors and users from more traditional crypto environments.

Community Rewards (5%) - 11,100,000 $EMPIRE Tokens

  • Engagement Incentives: Motivates active participation with incentives for content creation, referrals, and other community-driven activities.

  • Loyalty and Collaborative Growth: Promotes loyalty and ongoing support for the project, valuing the community's contribution to its success.

This tokenomics structure for "Crypto Empire Tycoon" is designed to support the game's development and growth, incentivize user engagement, and ensure a fair distribution of $EMPIRE tokens. The addition of an allocation for CEX aims to improve liquidity and accessibility of the token, while the adjustment of community rewards reflects a commitment to engaging and supporting active community members.

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