Web-based Gaming,Wagering, Staking Platform

Users embark on their Crypto Empire Tycoon journey by linking their cryptocurrency wallets to the platform. This secure and user-friendly process ensures that each player's $EMPIRE tokens are readily available for staking, betting, and receiving rewards within the game.

  • Security: The wallet connection incorporates robust security measures, safeguarding players' assets and personal information.

  • Convenience: By directly linking their wallets to the platform, players enjoy an integrated experience that facilitates quick and hassle-free transactions within the game.

Once their wallets are connected, users can stake their $EMPIRE tokens directly on the Crypto Empire Tycoon website. Staking serves various purposes:

  • Participation: Staked $EMPIRE tokens serve as a gateway to numerous game features, including betting on battles and earning passive rewards.

  • Incentives: Users receive rewards for staking, encouraging long-term engagement and investment in the Crypto Empire Tycoon ecosystem.

  • Strategic Allocation: Players have the flexibility to allocate portions of their staked tokens specifically for betting, allowing them to manage their risk and engagement in the game effectively.

For further inquiries about staking, please refer to this section of the whitepaper.

The Crypto Empire Tycoon website provides a dynamic and intuitive interface for wagering on battles. Users can explore upcoming battles, analyze odds and strategies, and place their bets directly on the platform:

  • Live Betting: Users can wager on battles in real-time, actively participating in each battle as it unfolds.

  • Betting Options: Various betting options, including direct betting, PvP, and PvGame, offer diverse opportunities for players to place bets based on their preferences and insights.

  • Transparency: All bets, outcomes, and rewards are recorded and processed on-chain, ensuring fairness, transparency, and trust in the system.

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